How To Hire An Investment Advisor

If you are on this page, chances are that you have saved up enough money for making an investment. But at the same time, you may be wondering whether you should hire an investment advisor. What you need to do is use your head. As a matter of fact, hiring a advisor will cost money and you should take this decision after a lot of careful thinking. So, it’s important to take your time and then make a decision. Given below are a few tips to help you hire the best professional so you can make the best decision possible. Read to know more.1. Do you need one?This is the most common question on the minds of most people who are looking for investment advice. You may not need one if you are not going to invest a large sum. If your portfolio is not big (let’s say it is below $100,000), we suggest that you save a bit more. After all, if you are not going to spend a big sum, why both spending a hefty sum on an advisor? It doesn’t make sense at all, does it? What you need to do is calculate the value that you may derive from the consultation cost. If it is worth the cost, you should go for it.

2. Investment complexity As far as complexity goes, people like it in their busy investment life. What happens is that they own a lot of assets, such as stocks, bonds, shares and currency pairs. Besides, they have a 9 to 5 job that keeps them super busy throughout the day. Some people may have invested in real estate as well. So, if you this kind of person, it’s a good idea to hire a professional so you can reach your goals more easily.3. Goals You may not have unclear goals for your investment. What do you want to be? Do you just want to retire? Or do you want to be more comfortable? You should be clear about your terms. For instance, you can I want to retire at 60 and then I will make it a routine to travel at least once a year, meet my day-to-day expenses and leave something behind for my kids. So, this is a clear goal. So, if your goals are not clear, a good investment advisor may help you set clear goals.4. Advice costsThis is really important. However, an important piece of advice that you may want to keep in mind is that service costs should not be confused with results. As a matter of fact, if you go for an expensive advisor, this decision may go against your interests. You may end up paying too much if you don’t know how much is reasonable. So, this should be kept in mind.

5. Making decisionsMake sure your advisor is there to help you when you are going to make an important investment decision. The professional should respond to you as soon as possible. If they don’t return your calls or reply your messages, they are no good. So, make sure you hire an advisor who will be available when needed.Hopefully, with these 5 tips mind, you can hire the best investment advisor.

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How Quality Real Estate Agents Respond To Concerns: 6 Steps

One of the realities of real estate representation, is an agent, must be ready, willing, and able, to recognize, consider, and effectively respond, to his client’s and/ or customer’s questions and concerns. This should begin with having the mindset, it is normal, for people to have concerns, questions, fears, and trepidations, especially, when it comes, to, what, for most, is their single – biggest, financial asset, their house. What differentiates the most empathetic, responsive, real estate agent, from the rest of the pack, is welcoming questions, and possessing, a willingness, and ability, to address these concerns, not simply to one’s own satisfaction, but, rather, to the satisfaction, of the individual, being represented. With that in mind, this article, will briefly examine, and discuss, 6 smart steps, to take, to achieve the best possible results.

1. Timely: Even when it might appear, the question or concern, is somewhat insignificant, or certainly, less than a priority, quality agents, proceed, to address them, in a responsive, timely manner. This must begin with being ready, willing, and able to commit to effectively listening, and learning, relevant perceptions, and realizing, unless/ until one responds in a timely way, the situation worsens, and becomes more challenging! When an agent is perceived as being responsive, his client and/ or customer, perceives he truly cares!2. Understand concern, clearly: Don’t assume you know and/ or understand, someone else’s concern, etc! Don’t interrupt, but listen fully and thoroughly, to be certain, you are addressing it, to their satisfaction! Take your time, and answer/ respond thoroughly!3. Empathize: People want to be understood, and cared – for! Listening effectively, and learning from every conversation and experience, permits you to proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! An effective response, may begin, with, for example, I can perfectly understand how you feel. In fact, I felt that way, and so have most of those, represented in real estate, until they realized and recognized a few things.4. Answer: When someone has a question and/ or concern, he wants a viable answer and/ or solution, articulated, to their satisfaction. Rather than proceeding, with a one – size – fits – all, response, take the time, and make the effort, to thoroughly, completely, answer, to their satisfaction, and wait for their acknowledgment, before proceeding.

5. Recreate control of conversation/ discussion/ need: Once you effectively, thoroughly resolve the issue, by addressing it, to the satisfaction, of the client and/ or customer, you should proceed, to recreate the need, and emphasize, what you’ve been told (by them), they wish to achieve, and what the next step should be.6. Close: Whether this occurs before the listing is signed, or after someone is already a client, all the effort, to this stage, will become irrelevant, until/ unless you bring the discussion, to the closing stage! A simple, straight – forward, effective, way, might be, to say, Doesn’t it make sense?Don’t fear questions and/ or concerns, but, rather, see them, as showing, the client is extremely interested, and wants you to make a convincing argument! Will you be ready, and prepared?

Selling The House That Nobody Wants

How do you sell a house that nobody wants? You see, because you have been holding on to this piece of trash for phreakin’ forever! It’s so dam stressful now! What we gotta do to get paid? Burn it down and try to collect insurance money on it? I mean, you’re willing to let it go for far below the market value! So, what the hell?

First, calm down. Take a deep cleansing breath, and let’s clear the air.

You are going to sell that house. Yes, you are. And, I am going to help you. By the way, I want my three percent commission fee too! So, make sure you get in touch with me after the sales transaction has completed! LOL! I’m just kidding about the commission fee, but if you did contact me and offer it to me, I surely wouldn’t decline the offer.

Let’s get back on track now. Why isn’t this house selling? Do you think it’s your asking price? Is it the neighborhood? Is the home even habitable? Do you think it’s the condition of the house? Because, if it is the condition of the house, then with all due respect, let me ask you this. Why in the hell are you trying to sell a piece of trash? I mean, would you buy that house? Could you put your family in it?

Well, I’m gonna shine some light in the dark areas for you. This way, you can see what is truly happening here.

First of all, it is not the condition of the house! Because I’m quite sure you have heard that old saying plenty of times before. “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.” So, it’s not because this house is a piece of trash, because to the right buyer, it is a piece of treasure! For the correct buyer, this is the most perfect house! Understand that concept,

But, is it the price, then? Maybe you’re too high! Or, is it too low? No. It’s not the price. It’s not the neighborhood. It’s not the condition of the home. It’s not the realtor. But, are you ready for the truth?

It’s you! Yes, you! You are the reason why this house isn’t and hasn’t sold yet! Your energetic thinking, and your desperate demeanor, and your negative irritating mood is preventing this home from leaving you. The very energy you have been projecting thus far is stopping your progress, so you need to turn things around now. You must correct your posture, your attitude, and the signal you are putting out there into the world, if you really want to sell this house now.

Think about this. If you don’t want the house, what makes you think that anyone else would want the house? If you believe that it’s such a piece of trash, then how can you realistically expect to get paid for it? I mean, do you generally go around selling your garbage? Not cans or recyclables, but I’m talking about your waste? The stuff you flush down the toilet, or the stuff you want to toss directly into the trash truck. Of course, you’re not gonna get any money for that type of garbage! Because it has no value to you.

What we need to do here is, clear the slate. You must adjust your pitch. I am telling you to recompose that sorry sounding, pathetic sales song you’ve been singing! You just need a new, upbeat tune now! So, this is what you do.

Go into that house, and identify all the good qualities about this home. Take your note pad with you, and simply jot them all down. I’m asking you to ignore everything that you think is bad about it. So, the bad plumbing, poor wiring, effed-up roof, no heating system, yada yada yada. Ignore all that for right now! Just write down all the good qualities about this home.

Is it spacious? Are there plenty of rooms? Are the ceilings high? Does it promote privacy? Can a garden be planted? Does it resemble anything historic?

Maybe you grew up in this house. Did you or someone you know once occupy the home? You could have bad memories of the home, and this negativity can certainly impede your progress. If this is the case, I am recommending that you go see a good Life Coach, like me!, to help you clear this energy up. No, it’s not a ridiculous recommendation, and yes, it’s totally worth it! Because in the end, not only will you be able to sell that house with ease, but you will have cleared up a lot of personal baggage too.

Stay focused, though. After you have written down all of the good qualities, you should try to imagine yourself living in this home. Go ahead, do the exercise. Envision where you would place a bed, where you would put an entertainment system at. Where the kids room would be. What type of curtains you would hang. What color stove you would install. What type of cabinets you would install. What type of flooring you would install.

What you are doing, is you are raising the value of the home in your mind. You are turning this piece of trash, into a real home! But, you are doing it all in your mind!

After you have made this a nice home, and you have done these exercises, guess what? This house won’t seem like such a piece of trash to you after all! Because, now, you are able to see the true value of the home!

You see, the home wasn’t selling, because of the nasty energy signals you were putting out. You’ve been putting out, “I don’t want this house!” So, people are picking up on that negative energy, that negative vibe that you are emitting! They’re in turn, responding, “Shiddd… We don’t want that house either!”. But more! You’ve been putting it out there, “This house is a piece of trash!”. And, again, they’re picking up on your energetic signal! They’re going, “Shiddd… Well, we don’t wannna buy a piece of trash. Why would we go looking for a home in the local dump site?”. And be honest. Would you go home shopping for your house at the local garbage yard? Hell no!

Again, you’ve been putting the signal out there, “this house is giving me so much trouble!” and, of course, people are picking up on that terrible signal you were broadcasting! They’re thinking to themselves, “Oh No! Run! That house is trouble!”

But, now that you have shifted your perspective about the house, and you are able to see that it is a nice home! It has a great potential! And, you even saw the potential! You’ve got a great list of good qualities about this home that you are selling! Matter of fact, you would consider living in it your own self!

With this new type of attitude and thinking in place, you are now going to be able to sell that home once and for all! Yes, you will! This house will sell!

Now, let’s talk about the pricing for this home. It might be in a rundown condition. It might even need some substantial work done to it. You could consider taking all the needed repairs into consideration. You could start at market value, and then simply subtract the price it would cost for repairs.

But, what if you still have a running mortgage on that house?

Listen, I’m not a realtor, and this article does not constitute or substitute the counsel that they would give to you.

I will tell you this, though. If I were selling the house, I would sell the house at market value, regardless of any repairs that may need to be done.

I would make a great note of all repairs that need to be done. I would also make the effort to get prices for the work, and contacts of contractors who are qualified to do the work. I would then give all of this information to the new buyers. I would openly disclose everything about the house that I know. But, I would still ask for the market value, regardless.

Until that house does sell, you should have open houses ever so often. again, do your walk around with a notepad. Taking notes of all the good qualities about the house. Although you may have done this before earlier, you should continue to do this same process until the house has sold.

Keep a positive mindset, and I assure you, this house will sell eventually. Be patient, and don’t talk bad about the house! Don’t complain about the house! Don’t condemn or curse the progress of process you have been making!

Yes, you have made great progress thus far. Because, you went from being stressed out trying to sell a piece of trash, to now, easy going, selling a real treasure to a very special buyer!

Again. Be patient, be consistent with your open houses. Be persistent with the faith, that this house will sell. Because, it will sell.

As a matter of fact, guess what?

That house is sold!

Good luck! Happy selling!

Oh, and please don’t forget my commission fee!